Kaya Korean Restaurant
Kaya Korean Restaurant
7818 Montvue Center Way
Knoxville, TN 37919

(865) 691-0237
Closed Monday
12:00pm-10:00pm Tuesday - Saturday
12:00pm-9:00pm Sunday

11:30pm-3:00pm Lunch Buffet
Saturday and Sunday
MENU: Salad  Soup  Appetizers 애피타이저  Chef's  Vegetarian's Special  Kid's Meal 어린이메뉴  

Casseroles 전골  Stew  Beef 쇠고기요리  Pork 돼지고기요리  Chicken 닭요리  Seafood 해물요리  

Bibimbob and Fried Rice  Noodles 면류  Dessert  Beverages  Lunch Specials  

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About KAYA & Korean food
   KAYA was the name of an ancient Korean kingdom located on the southern peninsula of the country and renowned for its artistic and cultural production. Korean table settings are classified into the 3-‘’chop’’, the 5-‘’chop’’, the 7-‘’chop’’, the 9-‘’chop’’, the 12-‘’chop’’ setting according to the number of side dishes served except rice, soup, and ‘’kimchi.’’ The average family takes three or four side dishes. When a family holds celebrations or a party, a dozen or more delightful dishes are served. Korean Food is shared by diners in one table, except rice and soup. All the dishes but hot soups are set at one time on a low table at which diners sit to eat. Chopsticks and spoons are used for eating. Generally, the Korean diet uses much grains and vegetables which add fiber and protein from both vegetables (Bean curd, bean sprouts, bean paste, soy sauce) and meats. Korean food has moderate calories and low fat and sweet taste- very healthy and well-balanced. Kimchi represents Korea’s best known for food.

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